Together with Veggie Chick and MartyThyme, I write this column for The Star newspaper

Don’t Call Us Chef in StarTwo



Let There Be Light – Pistachio Kulfi

Three In One – Pumpkin and Tempe Sambal

Ready For A Feast – Harira

Open and Shut Case – Corned Beef and Potatoes

Relishing The Preserves – Preserved Lemons

Snacks for World Cup – Lemon Garlic Grilled Chicken

The Good Egg – Egg Kesum (Kelantan Peranakan)

Stacked In Your Favour – Dried Prawns Sambal Sandwich

Basket Case – Kuih Kosui

Chinese Kitchen – Mixed Vegetables (Chap Chye)

Test Kitchen – Cupcake with Icing


Cream of Our Crop – Sambal Melanau

Clean Sweep – Rice Cakes

Waste Not Want Not

A Saucy Tango – Chimichurri sauce

Past Perfect – Rock Buns

Dinner Is Surfed – Dorie Greenspan’s Apple Tartlets

Books For Cooks –

Friendly Fire – Green Chilli Pachadi – Chitty-style

What’s In Your Bag

Let’s Do Lunch – Quiche

Do It On The Cheap – Barley Fuchok

The Envelope Please – “Fake” Asam Laksa

Mums Rule In The Kitchen – Assam Fish


Celebrate – Chicken and Potatoes Tray

Cracked Cooking


3 Responses to StarTwo Cooking Column

  1. vivien says:

    WOW!! I haven’t been following yr blog, and boy, has it grown! Fabulous! How do you have the time!!?? vivien

  2. I have reconciled with my mountains of laundry, cluttered drawers and non-existent social life – :-)

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Ivy! You’d mentioned in your latest Star2 Column the microplane grater. I’d like to know where’d you found it as I’d been looking for one for the longest time! Please let me know the address of the store (if it is in Malaysia). I’m not familiar with the kitchen supply stores around and had thought them non-existent in Klang Valley. Thanks!

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