I can’t say this every year, but this has been a wonderful time of the year for us. We had two leisurely holidays with our family almost back to back, and let’s just say our feasting started way before Christmas. And it was really good to come back to KL, and smack into the rounds of dinners and parties with friends. And of the many images of Christmas I was glancing through, the photograph of chewy caramel sweets caught my eyes… and it was a treat that I immediately liked and that I was sure my friend Ann Marie would like too (and I wanted to impress and surprise her :-p).


So, one evening, because there is a hiatus in regular tv programmes in the US and therefore no shows to download and watch, I did something productive. I read maybe five caramel recipes online, and in the end followed the recipe on because there were step-by-step photos. I didn’t have a candy thermometer, but that problem was easily resolved by googling and YouTubing alternative methods. I even had to google how to line a baking tray, but I have reconciled with my inferior baking skills. One morning last week, I found my daughter eating my fruitcake (two attempts in a fortnight) with a teaspoon because it was crumbly… oh well.


But I can do caramels. It didn’t even require strenuous stirring; all I had to do was watch the pot like a hawk – and there were photographs to refer to to gauge if I was getting it right. The only thing I didn’t like was cutting the caramel because my fingers got sticky real quick, which meant I was washing my hands every five minutes. Next time I’ll wear gloves. But that was the only glitch. The caramels were fun to wrap and decorate with festive ribbons and ties.

These caramels are definitely crowd pleasers, and good to bring to parties. And though I think I don’t have a sweet tooth, I am now a caramel-lover.

Happy New Year, and may your 2013 be full of wonderful sweet treats! Have a great year <3



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  1. kristen says:

    Here’s wishing you a greater 2013.

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