From the yearly archives: 2012

Happy Sweet New Year

On December 31, 2012 By

I can’t say this every year, but this has been a wonderful time of the year for us. We had two leisurely holidays with our family almost back to back, and let’s just say our feasting started way before Christmas. And it was really good to come back to KL, and smack into the rounds […]

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Seafood Porridge

On December 19, 2012 By

Once in awhile I need a lazy day in the middle of the week when I don’t have to be anywhere at any time… like the day after we are home after being away on a long trip. The suitcases are still by the front door, unlocked with dirty laundry tucked away. The vacation responder […]

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Basil Chicken

On December 1, 2012 By

We had just come back from a week’s holiday to Thailand, and of course we had a great time. This was my third trip to Bangkok this year, and I wasn’t fully looking forward to it. The previous two trips were rushed work trips, and I had a hard time figuring out why I had […]

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Tau Eu Bak – Soy Sauce Pork

On October 25, 2012 By

This dish – tau eu bak (soya sauce braised in soy sauce) is always a crowd pleaser. Most people I know like dish this very, very much. It’s comfort food at its best – belly pork slowly braised till tender, with layers of fat that melt in the mouth, in a light gravy flavoured with […]

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Five spice powder

On June 29, 2012 By

I reconnected with some old friends from my Convent schooldays – they were girls I went to primary and secondary school with, and we grew up together in stuffy pinafores and read Nancy Drews, and played through endless recess times. So it’s strange how we drifted apart so completely – at least I did, and […]

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Soy Sauce Chicken

On April 26, 2012 By

WHEN my friend and former colleague Niki told me he wanted recipes so he can cook his own meals as he’d be a poor student in London, I didn’t take him all that seriously. I didn’t think he’d actually cook regularly, partly because he was never that keen a cook, and partly because I have […]

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Sambal Fish

On February 26, 2012 By

IN some ways, I think I have moved up in the world… ahem! I use good skincare, no more Oil of Ulan or Olay or whatever the new name is – even if my daughter’s great-grandmother has been using it since she was a teenager and has flawless skin to show for it even at […]

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Saturday Mornings

On February 19, 2012 By

I like Saturday mornings. The work week is over, and it’s too soon to worry about Monday. I don’t do anything exciting though – our most adventurous gig is a trip to Carrefour and maybe a detour to Frutti Tutti. Saturday mornings are for putting my life in order, ie ensure I have clean clothes […]

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As Easy As A-B-C

On February 6, 2012 By

There was once upon in my life when I had an obsession with cookbooks… I bought cookbook after cookbook because there simply wasn’t a cookbook I didn’t think was uninteresting. I had a list of cookbooks I absolutely must have, and at least a cookbook I was reading cover to cover. There were cookbooks everywhere […]

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Easiest Chicken Rice

On January 15, 2012 By

I didn’t think my friend Niki Cheong was all that serious about cooking, but he has been making the one bowl rice I posted eons ago regularly  (someone has been coming to me and repeating the title of my last post… takes nagging to a whole new level… she needs to nag me to loftier […]

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