From the monthly archives: November 2010

Teochew Porridge

On November 17, 2010 By

I went to bed reading Nigella Lawson’s latest book, Nigella’s Kitchen, and dreaming about her Greek Lamb with Potatoes and Lemon. But we all woke up with scratchy throats, hacking coughs, aching bones, woozy heads. And when my imp is lying limply on the sofa instead of jumping up and down on her new trampoline, […]

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Barbecue In Cameron Highland

On November 9, 2010 By

Cameron Highlands is not exactly my ideal holiday destination. What I remember mostly from previous trips are traffic jams, crowds, lousy food…. But then, my mother wanted to go, and my brother said he’d take her. The next thing I knew, I had agreed to join them….then all three of my sisters said they’d go […]

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Most people think of Malay food when it comes to Kelantan, but not to be missed is the Thai food. With its proximity to Thailand, it’s actually not surprising to find good Thai food here. I have had some really good Thai meals in Wakaf Baru, which is about 20 minutes outside Kota Bharu. On […]

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