From the monthly archives: April 2010

Asam Prawns

On April 24, 2010 By

There is always a jar of tamarind, or asam jawa, in my kitchen. It is an essential ingredient in our food, as it’s the base for many of the curries in Peranakan cuisine. Tamarind is a souring agent, but there is also a hint of sweetness in it. So, it’s not as sharp as vinegar, […]

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Asam And Jeruk

On April 16, 2010 By

I have a sour tooth; I crave for sourness and I love all kinds of sour. According to Wikipedia, sourness is the taste that detects acidity – there’s tantric acid and citric acid. I don’t know all that mumbo jumbo, but I can distinguish different types of sourness – mouth puckering sourness, refreshing sourness, sweet […]

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Daging Masak Kicap

On April 12, 2010 By

For the past two weeks or so, Marina Mustafa’s cookbook Memorable Recipes for Malay Occasions has been in my kitchen, as I was reviewing the book for StarTwo. I liked the book from the moment I flipped through the pages in Popular late last year, and had specifically asked for a copy to review. Check […]

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Some weeks feel longer than others, and I just want to do nothing on weekends. On those days, I just want to make something reassuringly easy that I know will turn out well. This was how I first learnt to cook my green vegetables. It didn’t involve the theatrics of stir-frying, and was just perfect […]

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Most Chinese in Malaysia originate from Southern China. In Penang and Malacca, the Chinese are mainly from Fujian, and the dialect spoken is Hokkien. Although the Hokkiens is one of the most prominent groups, their cuisine is not so commonly found outside homes, as compared to Cantonese food. One of the reasons is that Hokkien […]

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