From the monthly archives: October 2009

About a year or two ago when everyone was clamouring to have nasi kandar when the franchises start mushrooming all over Kuala Lumpur, I kinda got turned off. Suddenly, nasi kandar feels so OTT – too much spices, too much flavour and too much hype. And I queue up at the original nasi Pelita shop […]

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Fried Chicken Wings

On October 25, 2009 By

Cakes and desserts don’t tempt me all that much; my weakness is fried chicken. I love fried chicken in its many forms; battered, spicy, with tumeric, garlicky…. But I have also had my share of terrible fried chicken, when’s it’s fried till it’s all dried out or in oil that has been used over and […]

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Oven Dried Tomatoes

On October 23, 2009 By

I love sundried tomatoes, but they always seemed like such luxury, at prices ranging between RM15-25/100g. And it’s no fun eating something carefully because they are precious. It was only when I read an old issue of Flavours that I found out that it’s actually not impossible to make sundried tomatoes at home. The traditional […]

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Solo Mango

On October 19, 2009 By

Everyone else’s tree branches are weighed down with clusters of mangoes in my neighbourhood, but I could only count three fruits on my tree. One was stolen; the other is too high up for me to reach and so there was only one left. Being kiasu, I plucked it last Sunday before someone else got […]

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Belimbing Buluh

On October 17, 2009 By

The first time I had belimbing buluh was in a Malay coffee shop in Jasin, Melaka. It was a sambal dish with bits of belimbing buluh, and I must have had two or three helpings of rice just so I can have more of the sambal. The next time I had it was also in […]

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Raining Durians In Raub, Pahang

On October 16, 2009 By

There were durians everywhere in Raub, Pahang last weekend. In Sg Klau – a one-street town on the outskirts of Raub – it was practically raining durians. We saw durians dangling from trees by the roadside, and heaps of them at makeshift wholesale markets. The biggest wholesale durian markets was at the town centre, but […]

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Pahang has never seemed the most obvious food destination, but my trip to Raub turned out to be an eating trip. We went to Sg Klau (a one-street town) and it was teeming with durians; there were wholesale durian markets by the roadside as it’s now durian season. Trees heavy with rambutans line the streets; […]

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